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The Geyser Robot is an innovative new technology that feeds your existing electrical geyser with two power sources ie. AC grid power and DC PV power.
The Geyser Robot does not feed your AC Element with DC power. DC is converted to a modified wave which is safe to use in the existing element. This modified wave form also enables the thermostat to switch power on and off as if it were normal AC power.

We reuse the existing element and thermostat

There is no need to replace the element or thermostat having the following benfits:

Different Robot models use the thermostat differently. The Lite uses the thermostat to control water temperature, where the Auto and Smart use the thermostat as a electrical connection and safety cut-off.

Efficcient MPPT

All our models have MPPT [Wiki]. MPPT enables the Robot to extract power more efficiently out of the PV panels by adapting the load to the current weather conditions.

As of 2021 all our PWM controllers are discontinued.

What We Offer


We supply the following:

  • Bel


We have 4 years experience with PV systems installations.

EDGE Certification

All our projects are EDGE certified and we can help with neccesary paperwork to assist your project.

After sales service

Rudy: 083 625 0007

Leon: 081 024 1683


We have a number of running projects.

  • GR4 Smart Pools
  • We have 36 participants in our global pool generating: 5.45 kW instantly, and 114.26 kWh for today.
  • Monitor a single installation or whole complex with ease.
  • Photo Galery
  • Under construction.
  • Download Page
  • Under construction.
Our Products

Choose a product that fits your needs.

  • GR4 Smart / Lite
  • 90-240 Vdc PV Power
  • 200-240 Vac Grid Power
  • 2-4kW Element size
  • 50-300 Liter Geyser
  • Highest spec of all Geyser Robot modules. Network BUS connection to interface with GR4 Home System.
  • GR4 Display
  • IoT connected via WiFi
  • 6x Onboard sensor channels
  • 16MB Onboard FLASH storage
  • Integrated Li-Ion battery
  • A stand-alone logger and IoT gateway for the GR4 Home System. Online data monitoring.
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