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Our Geyser Robot

Geyser Robot is a special controller that enables you to use ordinary solar panels to heat up a generic 150lt geyser using a standard 3Kw element. It is by far the best solution for multi story buildings due to solar cables being run down from the roof instead of pipes,much easier installation.


There is no need to replace your geyser since Geyser Robot reuses the existing element and thermostat. Because of this Geyser Robot has the following benefits: .


The company was founded in 2015 and is starting to grow at a rapid pace.

The Geyser Robot is breakthrough innovation and technology developed by an electronic engineer. This technology brings the future of solar water heating to your home, making your life easier and comfortable while allowing you to save on your current water heating expenses.

The Geyser Robot is a smart switch that turns any standard geyser and element into a solar geyser using PV solar panels, and provids you with a full automation of your heated water needs
The PV solar panels are directly connected to the Geyser Robot which directs it to the geyser element. The Geyser Robot comes standard with a digital display and thermometer which replaces the geyser thermostat, providing you with a visual presentation of how your Geyser Robot is working to save you money

Whenever the geyser water has obtained your pre-set temperature on the thermostat, the Geyser Robot will switch off the geyser element. This ensures that you do not have to worry about overheating your geyser when time spent away from home

When insufficient power is provided from the solar panels, the Geyser Robot will automatically switch the geyser back to grid power, leaving you with the assurance of hot water even on those cloudy days.

​At Geyser Robot we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service as well as efficient after-sales service.

solar panels on a roof

What we stand for


Our Vision

Our vision is to get a lion share of the very limited industry of SOLAR Energy In South Africa.

We are committed to giving our clients the highest level of services possible.


Our Mission

Is to provide you high and competitively priced products for home improvements that will decrease energy consumption, lower the cost of energy bills and most importantly increase the comfort level in our customer's homes.

Geyser Robot is also committed to maintaining excellence, integrity and longevity in all aspects of our operations and our professional and business conduct.


Our Goal

Our goal is to bring you a clean, abundant, and renewable source of energy to your home.

To honor all promises and commitments.

We believe that with your help Solar Energy Technology can change the world.

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