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GR4 Lite

Low cost & compact

The GR4 Lite is simplistic yet still delivers great power savings. Our first module with integrated MPPT specifically targets small household retrofit electrical geysers. No need to change the geyser element or existing thermostat.

The GR4 Lite uses any existing 50-150 Liter geyser as is. Power is fed to the geyser and temperature is still controlled by the set point of any standard thermostat. A simple external DB timer fully automates the operation of the GR4 Lite. The timer enables/disables Grid power on the times required by the client. When Grid is not available Solar is forced, thus enabling easy to understand setup.

Launched in January 2020, we have produced and installed more than 2000 of these units during the first year. Most of these units are installed in 100% off-grid installations.


Technical specifications
Element Size 2,3 kW
Grid input 220 - 240Vac, 50Hz
PV MPPT Yes, 17 Amp
PV Input 90-180Vdc
Max PV power 1,500W
Power sensor No
Operating temperature -10 - 55° Celsius
Display charge output 12 - 16Vdc @ 100mA
Safety & Protection
AC Disconnect Yes
Reverse Polarity Yes. Require external fuse
Over Voltage Category 1 Yes
Transient Category 1 3-Way 710V Surge Arester