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GR4 Smart

Full featured & powerful


The GR4 Smart can be used with any existing 50-300 Liter geyser as is. Power is fed to the geyser as usual, however temperature is now controlled by a separate temperature sensor on the geyser flange. The existing thermostat is used to easily connect the power cables, but set to maximum (70° Celsius) to also function as a safety cut-off. An external DB timer is not needed as the Display automates functionality.

The Smart can operate in off-grid installations as it draws power from either Grid or PV for its internal circuitry. The Display also charges from either Grid or PV and has a big enough battery to last through the night. We do however recommend that off-grid installations use an optional hiher capacity battery for the display as this will help during winter time when nights are a bit longer.

Technical specifications
Element Size 2,3,4 kW
Grid input 220 - 240Vac, 50Hz
PV MPPT Yes, 17 Amp
PV Input 90*-240Vmp**, 350Voc
Max PV power 240Vmp @12.5Amp 3000Watt***
Power sensor 0 - 12.5 Amp DC ±2.5% Tolerance***
Operating temperature -10 - 16Vdc @100mA
Display charge output 12 - 16Vdc @ 100mA
Safety & Protection
DC Disconnect Yes
Reverse Polarity Yes. Require external fuse
Over Voltage Category 1 Yes
Transient Category 1 3-Way 710V Surge Arester
* 90Vmp minimum recommended
** The element can only handle 240Vmp Max, but the Smart itself can withstand 350Voc
*** Other values on request for 500+ orders