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Technical details

The Geyserobot is a device that optimally utilizes electricity generated through standard solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to heat water in an existing or new residential geyser without expensive modifications and installation.
The installation is simplified in that only solar PV panels have to be installed together with the Geyserobot which is designed from high-quality solid-state technology with passive cooling.

Using DC solar power on a AC system:

The Geyser Robot feeds your existing electrical geyser with two power sources ie. AC grid power and DC PV power. The Geyser Robot does not feed your AC Element with DC power. DC is converted to a modified wave through a specialized gateway and priority controller, which is safe to use in the existing element. This modified waveform also enables the thermostat to switch power on and off as if it were normal AC power.

System connection:

The electrical connection is done by connecting the first input from the Geyserobot to the PV panels, and the second input to a single-phase 220V from the mains – thereby providing grid backup feed in the event of sunless days and evenings.

System interface:

The Geyserobot is fully compatible with other solar water heating technologies or heat pumps.
Control is done by a digital display included in the kit.
The digital display uses two independent temperature settings - maximizing power saving.

Models :

Geyser Robot has 2 different models namely:

Different Robot models use the thermostat differently. The Lite uses the thermostat to control water temperature, where the Smart use the thermostat as an electrical connection and safety cut-off.

Efficient MPPT:

All our models have MPPT [Wiki]. MPPT enables the Robot to extract power more efficiently out of the PV panels by adapting the load to the current weather conditions.
As of 2021, all our PWM controllers are discontinued

Consider the following scenario:

Everybody in the house showers between 06:00 and 07:00 before leaving for their busy day.
Depending on the geyser size and users, you may want to schedule the timer for 05:30 to 06:30 to ensure that everyone gets enough warm water.
Note that the timer stops before the last user uses water.
This yields the geyser cold before power harvesting from the sun can starts.
If the geyser starts hot, then the water may reach the maximum before the sun sets, this will waste some sunshine that could have heated the water.

Depending on your household needs and the amount of warm water that you are using, you might want to set a second timer for water heating from the grid at night time.


Absolute Maximum ratings

Parameter Rating
Grid/generator 220 - 240Vac, 50Hz
MAX Solar input  90-240Vmp, 350Voc
Element Size  1-3 kW